Saturday, April 25, 2009


Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days in Omaha this year! While the weather danced with 90 degrees, the breeze was refreshing and the humidity was low. My sister Jess and I decided to take our nephew to the zoo. Now that he is two, he is at the age where he can really have fun with it. He was so excited about the zoo!

Here is Junior starting the day; equipt with his shades and truck.

The monkeys, gorilla's and orangutans were very active. Junior loved them. My biggest fear was one would run by the window, bang on it, and scare the daylights out of Junior. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

We took time in the petting zoo. Junior loved to feed the goats by putting the straw on their back. After some coaxing, he was happy to pet the goats. Every time he saw a baby kid (goat) he would shriek "awwwww, look!" Too cute!

Junior also rode the carousel. He wasn't too sure what to think of this.

We spent time in the Lied Jungle, but left soon after a bat dodged at my head, causing me to scream, and drop to the ground. Literally. Who knew bats just flew around there?? Certainly not me!

In the aquarium, Junior didn't seem to excited. That is, until he saw this large fish which he lovingly named Mike. Lucky guy.

After three hours of walking around the zoo, Junior happily got back into the stroller to leave. We went out for ice cream, which was the perfect way to end our day at the zoo.

After all this, guess what Junior's favorite animal was?

He's pointing to them now....

any ideas???


He LOVED the ducks, and ran towards them, whenever he saw them.

Go figure!!

There will be a lot of duck feeding in our near future.


Jessica said...

Who would have thought of all the crazy cool exotic animals at the zoo, the ducks would be his favorite!?!?! Shesh, we could have saved our legs and $12.00/person and went to the park! Just kidding, it was a blast!!!