Saturday, April 25, 2009


Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days in Omaha this year! While the weather danced with 90 degrees, the breeze was refreshing and the humidity was low. My sister Jess and I decided to take our nephew to the zoo. Now that he is two, he is at the age where he can really have fun with it. He was so excited about the zoo!

Here is Junior starting the day; equipt with his shades and truck.

The monkeys, gorilla's and orangutans were very active. Junior loved them. My biggest fear was one would run by the window, bang on it, and scare the daylights out of Junior. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

We took time in the petting zoo. Junior loved to feed the goats by putting the straw on their back. After some coaxing, he was happy to pet the goats. Every time he saw a baby kid (goat) he would shriek "awwwww, look!" Too cute!

Junior also rode the carousel. He wasn't too sure what to think of this.

We spent time in the Lied Jungle, but left soon after a bat dodged at my head, causing me to scream, and drop to the ground. Literally. Who knew bats just flew around there?? Certainly not me!

In the aquarium, Junior didn't seem to excited. That is, until he saw this large fish which he lovingly named Mike. Lucky guy.

After three hours of walking around the zoo, Junior happily got back into the stroller to leave. We went out for ice cream, which was the perfect way to end our day at the zoo.

After all this, guess what Junior's favorite animal was?

He's pointing to them now....

any ideas???


He LOVED the ducks, and ran towards them, whenever he saw them.

Go figure!!

There will be a lot of duck feeding in our near future.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


To the three people out there who read my blog, I apologize for my blogging hiatus. I also apologize for my out of order posts. You see, I had this brilliant idea of starting a bunch of blog drafts to help me get caught up after all my traveling this semester. This would have worked out wonderfully, had I thought through the process, and created drafts in a logical sequence. I am trying to figure out a way to put the blogs back in order, but until then, good luck navigating my disorganized blog! If you have any suggestions on how to reorder my posts, I would welcome any assistance!

Happy reading ;o)


I haven't been sleeping the greatest lately. Tossing and turning, odd dreams, etc.

In fact, last night I dreamed that Ben Lynus from LOST was my waiter at a restaurant. He was trying to kill me for knowing who he was. He then asked me to be in his wedding and be his best man, to which I happily obliged.

I really shouldn't watch LOST so close to bedtime.

A couple years ago I had this great idea that if I made a mixed C.D. of all my guilty pleasure songs, I would wake up in a better mood. I appropriately called it "Jen's Mega Mix '06". Its full of Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, N'Sync, etc. One would think that hearing "Right Stuff" or "Hangin' Tough" would be an excellent way to wake up. Don't you???

There is little data to support this brilliant idea. In fact, I am sure if you ask my husband he would quickly respond that this idea has had no impact on my mood in the morning. Oddly enough, I don't wake up with a smile, reminiscent of my childhood and dancing to New Kids on the Block while roller skating up and down my street. I instead, shush the alarm, either verbally or with forceful slams at the snooze button.

Take that, Jen's Mega Mix '06.

This morning was no exception. Utterly exhausted, I made my way downstairs to make myself some coffee and breakfast. Coffee, you are my hero. In my exhausted stupor, I made an English muffin- loaded with peanut butter and caramel.

Wait, what?!? Yes, you read that right, caramel. You see, Smuckers lids are all the same; the adorable little checker pattern, therefore my strawberry lid (red checkers) and caramel lid (brown checkers) look identical to half opened eyes. Wanna know what's more sad then that? I didn't realize it was caramel until I bit into it. That's what checking your email while spreading "jelly" does to a person.

I am happy to report that peanut butter and caramel english muffins are actually tasty- just make sure you have plenty of liquid to wash it all down with :)

I need a nap...............

A look back...

As my last semester of graduate classes comes to close, I find myself in a reflective mood. I am amazed at how fast the past three years have come and gone, and how much I have grown over the past three years. I am more a more confident, passionate person. I accomplished something that many thought I would not be able to do. I did it for me. I am proud of who I have become, and look eagerly to the future with a long to-do list. Who else but me, has a list of 30 career goals before even having a job? Probably next to no one, but I say, "bring it on!"

I am optimistic that this eagerness will not disappear. I will strive to maintain my enthusiasm for my career, and want to always be a "mover and a shaker". I look forward to answering the question everyday, "So, are you a school counselor?"

(and to answer that, No, I am not. Wanna know what I do, check this out!)

Cheers to the past three years, and the many more to come.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rest of Seattle...

Other experiences in Seattle included, Tillicum Village. The boat ride to the island was a bit chilly, but gorgeous!

We also spent a lot of time at the Experience Music Project. Don't know what that is? You should definitely check it out! This is the enormous piece of art you see when you walk in. Pretty incredible.

We also spent time at the Locks.

We also visited Safeco Field.

Lastly, we took the underground tour of Seattle. Also, very cool.

I can't wait to go back to Seattle and spend more time. We saw so much, but I feel like there is still so much more to see!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ice cream and my family...

My sister recently moved. In honor of the new apartment, we went for ice cream :)

DQ holds a special place in my heart!

During our DQ adventure, Junior wanted nothing more than to talk on his mommy Mike's cell. Of course, the video feature on my camera was available to capture this adorable moment!

Here are a few more candid's of Junior. He love's Bob-bob (Spongebob) and looks like a stud sporting the backwards Bob-bob baseball cap. He is definitely the talk of 2 year old's everywhere!

Yeah ladies! You know he looks good ;o)

Bike Riding and other Sunday traditions....

Today was a beautiful day... a little windy, but b-e-a-utiful day! In honor of its beauty, Junior came over to ride his bike.

Running to his Uncle Mike. It always looks like a scene out of a movie...

Uhhh mom, that's mine!

All tuckered out...

Best news of the day?? Junior FINALLY said my name!! He also learned Jess, but refuses to say it to her! Soon enough...all we need is some good ol' behavior modification! Here we come M&M's!

A Scenic look at New Mexico...

While in New Mexico, we took the time to do some sight seeing- always an adventure. Here are some fun shots from the many places I visited while visiting Brian, Zemmie, and William.

This was taken in B&Z's backyard.

I really liked the rustic look of this sign and post. I need to spend some time in photoshop enhancing the rustic look of this picture, but no time :(

I took this and enhanced it by adding a little cyan to it... just like the contrast it gave the view.

The same view, in true color.

The same view (almost, minus the trees) in black and white. Can't get enough mountains.

Fountain in downtown Albuquerque.

Oh, the signs of spring!

"Turn your face to the sun, and the shadows fall behind you."
---Maori Proverb

Pikes Market, Seattle

These images were all taken at Pikes Market. Imagine the photo's I would have gotten with a cool camera :)