Sunday, April 19, 2009


My husband is a high school band director at a nearby high school. He is forever surrounded by students who work hard, and look up to him on a daily basis. He strives to continually provide his student's with musical experiences that will inspire them to achieve their best. When everyone's patience is fried, Mike can find a positive and relate to the student. Teaching isn't a job to Mike.

Every 2 years, Mike takes his students on a band trip. Two years ago was Chicago. This year, Seattle. What's in Seattle, you ask? Everything! The students had three jam packed days in Seattle performing and sight seeing.

With the economy being the way that it is, busing was the only realistic option for travel. From school to Seattle, it was a 36 hour bus ride. Yes, I volunteered to chaperone. On our way out to Seattle, we experienced snow, and lots of it. At 4am we rolled into Sundance, WY to a blizzard. The interstate was shut down and were were stranded at a gas station for 4.5 hours! Thank goodness Smoothie Island was located inside- this entertained students for a long time. You know what the coolest part of being stranded in Sundace, WY was? The students. Why? Because their optimism was contagious. Just when I was feeling my patience begin to dwindle, a student would find excitement in our predicament. This was absolutely contagious! I am confident that our caravan of three charter buses will keep that little gas station open for the next 10 years... no stimulus money necessary. We FINALLY arrived in Seattle around 4am, pacific time- just in time for breakfast and to start our day! Here are a few fun pictures from our trip...

Safeco Field

The student's Performance

My roomie and I...

Downtown Seattle


Morgan said...

I can't believe you got stranded in Sundance of all places! Haha, that kills me! I've been there multiple times and was always amazed at the nothingness of that town. And growing up in Wyo - that's saying something!