Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reason 1249320584 957240947320 4932740932 why I love my husband:

He is a dork. Seriously. It's a confirmed fact.

Reason 1392380320u25940237592843920483204832 why I love my husband:

Who else could dress up as Harry Potter on a Friday night, go out to dinner dressed up and not care what anyone things. Oh, and walk around the mall dressed up too. 

Did I mention that this was NOT opening night, but several days later.....

Did I mention I dressed up too?

The things you do for love ;o)

Weekend Warriors

As mentioned previously, the tail end of vacation #1 was spent painting my brother in law's new house. While the nightmares of painting with my husband the first time came flooding back, I begrudgingly picked up a paintbrush and hopped to it. 

To my surprise, it was fun. No catastrophes. This is quite the opposite of the first time Mike and i painted together... I will spare the details but suffice it to say it was no adventure!

Painting my brother in law's house inspired Mike and I to give painting together another go and we decided to redecorate our guest bedroom. When we moved in we decided to leave it alone, and put up a hodge podge of pictures of us with family and friends around the room. No picture frame matched, and there was no order to the pictures display. I got a twitch every time I walked by the room. 

Mike and I transformed to weekend warriors. We decided to theme the room around our travel's together and display some of our favorite pictures taken on our travels. Here's the result...

First we painted the chocolate brown and let it dry. Then we taped off the our design (which I may add, was my idea!)

Then we painted.....

and waited....

peeled back the tape and added some frames... (I may also add that I went along the outside of the blue with brown with the worlds smallest detail brush to make it perfectly straight!)

Then we added a canvas antique map to plot out our travels....

and this is our wall in progress... as we travel we will add more pictures. As you can see, the pictures are hard to see, so I will add them here for your viewing enjoyment ;)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer of Vacations part 1....

This summer was very busy for Mike and I as we spent three and a half weeks traveling. The vacations were broken into three parts. The first week of our vacation Mike attended a conference in Wisconsin and I hung out with his parents in Waterloo, IA. That week Cindy and I shopped everyday and went to lunch with Grandma. While in Waterloo, Grandma taught me Hardanger cross stitch. This stitch is Norwegian, and really beautiful. Grandma has always wanted to teach someone in the family how to do this stitch to keep it going, and finally there was an extended period of time where she could teach me. It is tricky, but I am excited to know how to do it. 

Here's the project I have started

From Waterloo, I met Mike in Madison, Wisconsin. This was the first time I had driven across the Mississippi river. (A little nerve wracking by the way, if you are not fond of bridges!) The drive was beautiful though! I set the ipod to shuffle and rocked out to songs I hadn't listened to in a while and before I knew it, I was at the Madison airport! 

View from the car on my drive into Wisconsin...

We left from Madison to visit friends in Chicago (Downer's Grove to be exact) for a couple days. It was WONDERFUL to see our friends and spending our evenings in the hot tub enjoying an adult beverage to two :) 

This game of DDR got a little heated! Don't get two musicians together to a game that involves tempo, rhythm, etc. Amy and I stood quietly in the background and laughed and Erica and Mike! 

Here, Amy and Mike are "looking" at a crank organ, or something of the like at the Downer's Grove street festival. It was at least 1 million degrees that day, so we didn't last long at the festival. You'd be surprised how refreshing the hot tub was that afternoon!

We left Chicago to go back to Madison to see friends there. They have two ADORABLE boys that stole our hearts quickly! Our first day there we went to Devil's Lake and hiked around with everyone and the boys. The youngest, Simon and I used our super powers (his power was numbervision... counting all the caterpillars we saw on our hike). My super power was caterpillarvision... I spotted the caterpillars! It was too cute! Not to mention that the hike was gorgeous! It was a hike around a glacial lake... the weather was gorgeous too! 

This is Devil's Tower, a rock formation at the top of the trail we hiked that day.

This was taken from the beach around the glacial lake. The water was the clearest water I have ever seen! It was also very refreshing to wade into after our long hike. While on the beach we watched a wedding party (including the bride and groom!) run into the water and dive in for a swim in their wedding attire!! Crazy!

Of course, no hike is complete without an epic battle scene.  Nathaniel and Simon (aka Cactus Man) were partaking in battle of good versus evil.  Weapon's ran low, so the results of the battle have yet to be determined :)

The next day we went downtown Madison, walked around and did some touristy stuff. The kids went home for a nap, and Mike and I took another hike around one of the many lakes in Madison. We also went to this delicious Mexican restaurant and gorged ourselves! 

Downtown Madison.

Mike, Randy, Simon and Nathaniel hanging out in the big chair!

Simon, king of the Ingimakon (his imaginary land and people).

Mike on our walk next to the lake in downtown Madison. 

The aftermath from our food!

From Madison,  Mike and I drove up to Minneapolis to help his brother and finacee move into their new house and paint. These were jam packed days, and by the end we were exhausted! 

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Birthday's and Celebrations...

Its not everyday you celebrate someone's 90th birthday. What a cause for celebration.... 90 years is a long time. Just think of the history they have lived through; multiple world wars, The Great Depression, and countless presidents come and go. I love hearing all the stories. 

Mike's grandma turned 90 in June. The weekend was full of celebrations. Family was in Waterloo, IA from across the country. The weekend was jam packed, but a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures from the weekend's festivities...

I would like to point out the magazine in the bottom right corner. The woman featured is Grandma Dixie. She was often featured in this magazine which sold products for raising chickens (which, obviously was Grandma's livelihood).

This is my favorite picture of Grandma from that weekend. It was taken at her apartment as she opened a few gifts from us before the big festivities. There are few pictures of Grandma smiling- she hates her picture being taken. 

Happy 90th Grandma! Here's to many more!