Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 Goals

1. Papillion Half-Marathon. I just want to finish.

2. Omaha Half-Marathon. I want to set a time goal for this one.

3. Corporate Cup Run. Why not?!

4. Get an internship.

5. Get published. I have two ( I think) really interesting research areas, and some even more interesting findings. I would love to reap the fruits of my labor!

6. Take some photography classes.

7. Get better at grillin' and bakin'.

That seems sufficient for now :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree...

This year Mike and I celebrated our First Christmas together as husband and wife with a new Christmas tree. We have not had one in years past as we have never been home for holidays. This year I was able to talk Mike into a tree because I wanted one for my Family to enjoy at Christmas. I won :)
I talked in a previous blog about these really cool Martha Stewart ornaments, and these really cool greens and such for a tree. I even mentioned an upside down Christmas tree... I am not bold enough for an upside down Christmas tree. Plus ours is a prelight tree, so it wont work upside down!
I found our tree 30% off at Target, and fell in love with it. I also found these really cute blue and silver ornaments, and I knew then, it would be the perfect tree.
We tried way too many of these shots on my camera. First I looked like a marshmallow....

Then Mike did this goofy head tilt thing... Maybe this is why i prefer to be behind the camera and not in front of it!

So this picture probably wont make it to Christmas cards, but it was worth a shot!

We put the tree up the Friday after Christmas since we bought the tree late and were out of town. We enjoyed it today at Christmas #3.
Tomorrow we pack him up.... Now that we have a tree, he will make his appearance BEFORE Christmas next year ;o)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas- round 2 (and one more to go!)

This Christmas has been very busy this year. First was Christmas with my extended family at Mohoney. Mike and I then went back to Waterloo, IA to spend the next few days with his family. Christmas Eve is the big event; a huge open house with TOO MUCH delicious food!
While the ladies got food ready, Mike shared some quality time with William reading a book. Willam really loves his Uncle Mike!

Grandma got an early gift; stackable cake carriers. William thought this was the coolest gift ever, and it immediately became a climbing toy. He LOVED sitting on top of them!

Then the open house began. The house was PACKED! To paint a picture, its a small two bedroom ranch. Bob, Cindy, Chad, Megan, Brian, Zemmie, William and two dogs all stayed here for 3 days. Then the open house began and we had upwards of 25 people in the house at one time. Can we say zoo?! It was a lot of fun to see everyone though, but man, its a lot of work!
Cale and Jenny welcomed baby #3, Brody (JB) into the world in September. Brody is a big kid... 10 lbs at birth, and is already in 1 year old clothes! Here he is with "aunt" Zemmie.

William and I were on the kitchen for goodies and decided a photo op was necessary. Who would have thought taking pictures with a 1 year old would have been tough?! Of the many we took, this is the best we got! I am REALLY excited for some reason. I am guessing its the baileys in my coffee.... Thanks, Brian ;o)

Of course, once the open house died down, we took the obligatory family picture. Its rare that all the Pollock boys are in the same HOUSE let alone the same room. I didnt get the best picture on my camera, but this will do! At least Willam looks cute!!

And then gift opening begins. We all got Bob new snow pants for snowmobiling. Snowmobiling, by the way, is really fun! I went for the first time while we were back this year because there was actually snow on the ground. I had a blast! Bob goes every year to Eagle River, WI for a weekend of snowmobiling and races. Anyway, he REALLY needed new pants. Megan works for Polaris. PERFECT!
Bob had a bit of a struggle getting these on... I am happy I captured the struggle on film. We had WAY too much good food!

Megan got a panini maker that she was really excited about. Chad is excited too... he has someone to make panini's for him. Lucky guy!

Grandma banked this Christmas... here are the sheets that she wanted. She is really excited.

William needed a break from the action (and I needed a refill of my coffee!) so to the kitchen we went. Here he is wating ever so patiently for me to take him back to the action in the living room!

And Christmas morning Santa came with stockings and a sled for William. Willam got free rides around the house. This is the coolest sled ever. It is has a protective shell to keep him warm and out of the elements. WHen I was a kid, I dont remember ever being cold outside...

After over-eating for three days straight, its back to Omaha for one final Christmas.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

William's 1st Birthday

William is Mike's nephew (and mine too!) He lives in New Mexico so sadly, we don't get to see him much. He turned 1 on Dec. 20th. The lucky kid had TWO birthday parties... one in New Mexico and one in Waterloo.

Grandma Cindy made him a two layer chocolate cake with delicious homemade frosting. We also enjoyed Dairy Queen ice cream- William's favorite!

William had more fun sitting on his boxes than unwrapping them! He got a lot of cool stuff!

We sang happy birthday and over-endulged :)

And this was William's favorite gift, by far! He loves to play with the buttons and talk on the cell phone it comes with. Gotta start them early!

Happy birthday buddy!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas- round 1

Yesterday I celebrated Christmas with my extended family. We have a tradition of getting cabins at Mahoney, lots of good food, and hanging out together. As we get older, its harder to coordinate everyone being there.

This year, my sisters and I were in charge of the veggie tray. I also whipped up some desserts with the help of my sisters.

It took many tries to get the M&Ms to work, and i am so glad they did! Dont they look yummy?!

The chocolate ones were covered in sprinkles! Very festive!

And of course, Oreo balls! This was the last batch. Junior sprinkled these... I am still finding sprinkles all over the kitchen. He had fun doing it, so thats all that matters, right?!

After too much food to handle, we hung out and played Guitar Hero. My nephew Junior got in on the action and walked around with a Guitar- dancing and playing along! Super cute!

Uncle Mike and Junior rocking out!

Junior's solo!

Julie's turn...
...and Jaimie's turn!

And of course there was time for plenty of photos!

Jaimie and I....

Julie and I....

Junior sharing his cookie with the camera....

Junior using my shirt as a plate...

Uncle John....

Mike and Junior....

and the car ride home :)

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good Day Sunshine

I love the Beatles. Always have, always will. It is rare that I wake up without a Beatles tune stuck in my head. But enough of that.

I have good friends who have this amazing show... Yesterday and Today. Its sort of a Beatles Tribute, by a group of brothers who live and breathe Beatles. They pour their hearts out their on stage, and its simply amazing. Its the closest I will ever get to a Beatles show, and I can hardly wait to see it again. I recommend that everyone go see it. You will not be disappointed.



Now that I am officially done for the semester, I am finally taking in the season. Shopping is done. Cards, done. Baking.... going to start tomorrow! I want to make goody bags for friends, so I really need to get on that!

Here is what I plan to do:

Delicious oreo truffles. I will make some regular and some mint flavored ones. They go really fast!

I will also try my hand at fudge this year. I want to make peanut butter and regular. Hopefully it comes out well!

Finally, I want to dip some pretzels in chocolate and almond bark. I love the idea of decorating with candy! They look so pretty!

The next thing I want to do is the tree. We wont decorate until after Christmas, as we wont be home for the holidays. I have heard a lot about the upside down Christmas tree... a fad from Canada (or so I hear!) They are really cool looking! What do you think??

I have been looking at Martha Stewarts website for other fun Christmas Ideas. Here are a few I really dig and hopefully will get around to trying this year!

First, I really dig this drum christmas tree! This should be simply enough to make, and simple enough that Mike will not hate the "clutter".

I LOVE to save cards. Mike HATES that I save cards. The solution... these recycled cards Christmas ornaments! Perfect idea, and seems to me to be a fair compromise!

These origami picture frame ornaments are really cute! The template is on Martha Stewarts website, and doesnt look too hard to make! Could be a fun craft.

Finally, I really love these button ornaments. They may take a bit more skill, but would look really simple on the tree.

Merry Christmas! I have my work cut out for me!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Wedding

As I have recently begun blogging, I missed my opportunity to talk about one of the best days of my life... our wedding.

Mike and I were married July 12, 2008. The whole wedding process was so much fun. From the moment we started planning the wedding, Mike and I vowed not to get caught up in details, and just enjoy the time. So many times throughout the process people asked questions about the wedding and made comments such as "...well, let me ask Jen, how is .... going...?" As if Mike would know nothing of the plans. Mike however, was heavily involved in the planning process from picking colors and cakes, to decorating etc.

As the date approached, I somehow came down with shingles. The irony? I was not stressed at all. Not in the slightest. I have been more stressed with school than the wedding. C'est la vie. My mother in law was awesome; came into town a week early and would not let me lift a finger. Up to the rehearsal dinner, I was in a great deal of pain and on a lot of pain medicine. And how did I feel on the wedding day, you ask? Awesome- no pain!

No one believed that I was getting married that day. When I was getting hair and makeup done, everyone commented that I was entirely too calm to be getting married that day. I was far from nervous or anxious. I was excited. Sure, there were many things that went wrong, but who cares?!?! I was getting married!

Kathryn was the most awesome flowergirl. We went shopping for her dress... found it in 10 minutes. It was under $30. We went for ice cream. She wore silver flip flops and was totally comfortable :) She is such a sweet girl!

The Pollock Boys. Its not often they all get to be in the same room now that everyone lives on separate ends of the earth! William was a stud that day! Look at that winning smile.

My sisters and I. We look good :)

Junior and I. He just learned to give kisses :) He is pretty cute, isn't he?! I am so glad the photographer captured this. It just may be my favorite picture.


I was completely chill until the doors of the church opened, after that there was no hope for me! I could not stop crying- I was just so excited! The ceremony was beautiful. A good friend of ours wrote us a gorgeous song and sang it for us. One of Mike's students played Transformation on Pachebels Canon, also beautiful. Another dear friend, Mark Irvin sang for us. Obviously, music was a large part of our big day.

The best moment? "I do!" of course! I was so excited, I literally began jumping up and down and clapping :) Pretty sweet moment for sure!

Look at those smiles below! We are pretty happy :)

The rest of the night was great... nothing like a party with your closest friends and family. Getting together those who mean so much to you- simply wonderful. It was everything I dreamed.

And we will live happily ever after...