Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree...

This year Mike and I celebrated our First Christmas together as husband and wife with a new Christmas tree. We have not had one in years past as we have never been home for holidays. This year I was able to talk Mike into a tree because I wanted one for my Family to enjoy at Christmas. I won :)
I talked in a previous blog about these really cool Martha Stewart ornaments, and these really cool greens and such for a tree. I even mentioned an upside down Christmas tree... I am not bold enough for an upside down Christmas tree. Plus ours is a prelight tree, so it wont work upside down!
I found our tree 30% off at Target, and fell in love with it. I also found these really cute blue and silver ornaments, and I knew then, it would be the perfect tree.
We tried way too many of these shots on my camera. First I looked like a marshmallow....

Then Mike did this goofy head tilt thing... Maybe this is why i prefer to be behind the camera and not in front of it!

So this picture probably wont make it to Christmas cards, but it was worth a shot!

We put the tree up the Friday after Christmas since we bought the tree late and were out of town. We enjoyed it today at Christmas #3.
Tomorrow we pack him up.... Now that we have a tree, he will make his appearance BEFORE Christmas next year ;o)