Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas- round 2 (and one more to go!)

This Christmas has been very busy this year. First was Christmas with my extended family at Mohoney. Mike and I then went back to Waterloo, IA to spend the next few days with his family. Christmas Eve is the big event; a huge open house with TOO MUCH delicious food!
While the ladies got food ready, Mike shared some quality time with William reading a book. Willam really loves his Uncle Mike!

Grandma got an early gift; stackable cake carriers. William thought this was the coolest gift ever, and it immediately became a climbing toy. He LOVED sitting on top of them!

Then the open house began. The house was PACKED! To paint a picture, its a small two bedroom ranch. Bob, Cindy, Chad, Megan, Brian, Zemmie, William and two dogs all stayed here for 3 days. Then the open house began and we had upwards of 25 people in the house at one time. Can we say zoo?! It was a lot of fun to see everyone though, but man, its a lot of work!
Cale and Jenny welcomed baby #3, Brody (JB) into the world in September. Brody is a big kid... 10 lbs at birth, and is already in 1 year old clothes! Here he is with "aunt" Zemmie.

William and I were on the kitchen for goodies and decided a photo op was necessary. Who would have thought taking pictures with a 1 year old would have been tough?! Of the many we took, this is the best we got! I am REALLY excited for some reason. I am guessing its the baileys in my coffee.... Thanks, Brian ;o)

Of course, once the open house died down, we took the obligatory family picture. Its rare that all the Pollock boys are in the same HOUSE let alone the same room. I didnt get the best picture on my camera, but this will do! At least Willam looks cute!!

And then gift opening begins. We all got Bob new snow pants for snowmobiling. Snowmobiling, by the way, is really fun! I went for the first time while we were back this year because there was actually snow on the ground. I had a blast! Bob goes every year to Eagle River, WI for a weekend of snowmobiling and races. Anyway, he REALLY needed new pants. Megan works for Polaris. PERFECT!
Bob had a bit of a struggle getting these on... I am happy I captured the struggle on film. We had WAY too much good food!

Megan got a panini maker that she was really excited about. Chad is excited too... he has someone to make panini's for him. Lucky guy!

Grandma banked this Christmas... here are the sheets that she wanted. She is really excited.

William needed a break from the action (and I needed a refill of my coffee!) so to the kitchen we went. Here he is wating ever so patiently for me to take him back to the action in the living room!

And Christmas morning Santa came with stockings and a sled for William. Willam got free rides around the house. This is the coolest sled ever. It is has a protective shell to keep him warm and out of the elements. WHen I was a kid, I dont remember ever being cold outside...

After over-eating for three days straight, its back to Omaha for one final Christmas.
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Chrince said...

Your Christmas looked like a lot of fun. We had a really good time too, but now I feel kind of let down. I usually don't feel that way, but I think I was really looking forward to the holidays this year.

Again, Mike with the babies. How cute is that. I melt when I see Matt hold his nieces and nephews.