Monday, December 15, 2008

My Wedding

As I have recently begun blogging, I missed my opportunity to talk about one of the best days of my life... our wedding.

Mike and I were married July 12, 2008. The whole wedding process was so much fun. From the moment we started planning the wedding, Mike and I vowed not to get caught up in details, and just enjoy the time. So many times throughout the process people asked questions about the wedding and made comments such as "...well, let me ask Jen, how is .... going...?" As if Mike would know nothing of the plans. Mike however, was heavily involved in the planning process from picking colors and cakes, to decorating etc.

As the date approached, I somehow came down with shingles. The irony? I was not stressed at all. Not in the slightest. I have been more stressed with school than the wedding. C'est la vie. My mother in law was awesome; came into town a week early and would not let me lift a finger. Up to the rehearsal dinner, I was in a great deal of pain and on a lot of pain medicine. And how did I feel on the wedding day, you ask? Awesome- no pain!

No one believed that I was getting married that day. When I was getting hair and makeup done, everyone commented that I was entirely too calm to be getting married that day. I was far from nervous or anxious. I was excited. Sure, there were many things that went wrong, but who cares?!?! I was getting married!

Kathryn was the most awesome flowergirl. We went shopping for her dress... found it in 10 minutes. It was under $30. We went for ice cream. She wore silver flip flops and was totally comfortable :) She is such a sweet girl!

The Pollock Boys. Its not often they all get to be in the same room now that everyone lives on separate ends of the earth! William was a stud that day! Look at that winning smile.

My sisters and I. We look good :)

Junior and I. He just learned to give kisses :) He is pretty cute, isn't he?! I am so glad the photographer captured this. It just may be my favorite picture.


I was completely chill until the doors of the church opened, after that there was no hope for me! I could not stop crying- I was just so excited! The ceremony was beautiful. A good friend of ours wrote us a gorgeous song and sang it for us. One of Mike's students played Transformation on Pachebels Canon, also beautiful. Another dear friend, Mark Irvin sang for us. Obviously, music was a large part of our big day.

The best moment? "I do!" of course! I was so excited, I literally began jumping up and down and clapping :) Pretty sweet moment for sure!

Look at those smiles below! We are pretty happy :)

The rest of the night was great... nothing like a party with your closest friends and family. Getting together those who mean so much to you- simply wonderful. It was everything I dreamed.

And we will live happily ever after...