Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Now that I am officially done for the semester, I am finally taking in the season. Shopping is done. Cards, done. Baking.... going to start tomorrow! I want to make goody bags for friends, so I really need to get on that!

Here is what I plan to do:

Delicious oreo truffles. I will make some regular and some mint flavored ones. They go really fast!

I will also try my hand at fudge this year. I want to make peanut butter and regular. Hopefully it comes out well!

Finally, I want to dip some pretzels in chocolate and almond bark. I love the idea of decorating with candy! They look so pretty!

The next thing I want to do is the tree. We wont decorate until after Christmas, as we wont be home for the holidays. I have heard a lot about the upside down Christmas tree... a fad from Canada (or so I hear!) They are really cool looking! What do you think??

I have been looking at Martha Stewarts website for other fun Christmas Ideas. Here are a few I really dig and hopefully will get around to trying this year!

First, I really dig this drum christmas tree! This should be simply enough to make, and simple enough that Mike will not hate the "clutter".

I LOVE to save cards. Mike HATES that I save cards. The solution... these recycled cards Christmas ornaments! Perfect idea, and seems to me to be a fair compromise!

These origami picture frame ornaments are really cute! The template is on Martha Stewarts website, and doesnt look too hard to make! Could be a fun craft.

Finally, I really love these button ornaments. They may take a bit more skill, but would look really simple on the tree.

Merry Christmas! I have my work cut out for me!


Chrince said...

Those pretzels look so delicious! And yes, those trees do look really cool. We saw some upside-down trees at Z-Gallerie today. They were awesome.

Jen said...

I know! I dont think I am courageous enough to do it though...