Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Showers

This weekend I helped throw a babyshower for one of Mike's coworkers. Her and her husband have been trying and trying for years, and have finally had success. I can hardly wait to meet this bundle of joy! The parents have chosen not to know the sex of the baby, and will not share names with others; the suspense is killing me! (On a related note, I am terrible about waiting... I am dying over here!!!)

The shower was very small, and the food was delicious. My friend Jill made this wonderful chicken salad with an amazing dressing. She also made this wonderful "pull apart bread" that took every ounce of restraint to not eat the entire thing. Lastly, there were melt away sugar cookies and baby cake pops.

Yes, that's right, more cake pops. I have mentioned my admiration for Bakerella in previous posts, but I just cannot get enough of her creativity. Expanding on her vast list of creative ways to use an ordinary cake mix and can of frosting, I sketched out an idea for making them into babies. I am sure I have probably seen this elsewhere, and its not an original idea. However, I would like to speak to the person whose original idea this was- because these were incredibly time consuming. I consider myself a patient person, but man alive, did these take a long time to make. Nonetheless, they were very yummy, and of course, super cute.

Here's the materials (and pardon the blurriness, I apparently didn't check the photo before using the products!)

I baked the cake according to the box and let it cool. Once cooled, I crumbled the cake and mixed in the can of frosting. I put this mixture into the freezer to make the mixture moldable. After about 45 minutes, I rolled the mixture into ovals and put the mixture back into the freezer. In the meantime, I melted white almond bark to make the diaper. Then I dipped one end of the oval cake ball into the almond bark and put the sucker stick into the the cake ball and put it into styrafoam.

I allowed the almond bark to set, and dipped the top end into the corresponding color, either pink or blue. Once this set, I used icing to draw faces and to stick the flower sprinkes to the cheeks.

Next time, I would use an edible pen to draw faces, but I just couldn't find one in time. The gel icing never set, so I couldn't individually wrap the cake balls. That made it a little difficult to present them nicely, but thankfully, no one seemed to mind!

These were a hit at the party! There is a lot "cleaning up" I need to do to make them look amazing.