Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Reaching Goals...

I am far from athletic. Shocking, I know.

 In high school, I feel down a flight of steps while running for gym class and broke my wrist. After getting my cast off, I went roller skating with my sisters. That trip ended with a visit to the ER to get yet another cast for the same wrist. Most didn't realize I had gotten the first cast off; I was just the girl who had a cast on FOREVER! I have been told I could trip over the pattern in the carpet, to which I agree with whole heartedly. 

The thing is, I love being active. I love being outside, climbing, biking, playing sports, etc. I am competitive, and enjoy all aspects of physical activity. 

My husband is athletic, in every way, shape, and form. Our first date was to a rock climbing wall. Way fun. I love his sense of adventure, but the man is crazy. Last summer, he completed a half- iron man triathlon... and had fun. This summer, he is competing a half marathon, a duathlon, a triathlon, an adventure race, AND an Xterra race.... all for fun. Crazy kid. He is definitely addicted to running. 

Being competitive, I decided that if my husband can do these races, so can I. Well, and the desire to prove to myself I can do it. This meant one thing, I had to start running. Flashbacks to falling down the steps, and skipping the running days in gym class came flooding back. 

First step, order Runner's World. That's right. I believe in research. I need to know facts before I begin, such as the best shoe to buy, and the coolest gadget. 

Second step, make a play list. I have a difficult time running without music (unless of course, I have a running partner). 

Third step. Run. Lets just say, running looks easier than it actually is. Runner's World did NOT mention that :) I quickly realized I need to run with a goal in mind. 

Goal: Run a 10K. 

My first run was a 10 K. It was awesome, fun, and exhilarating. Lots of shin splints, ibuprofen, sweat, and tears went into that race.  My only goal during the race was to finish, well, and to not have a camera catch me taking a walk break. 

Mission accomplished. 

Coming around the corner to finish the race several thoughts crossed my mind. First, "this is definitely longer that 6.1 miles!"; "downhill is surprisingly harder than one would think", and " as long as I beat Mike (who did the half marathon), I will be happy." As I got in eye sight of the clock, I saw that I could finish in 1:30, and dug deep to finish strong. Crossing the finish line, tears poured down my face! To my surprise my next thought was " Let's do that again!"

Wait, what?!?! Does this mean I am addicted too?

My finishing time for the 10K averaged to a 10:20 mile time.... way better than I had been training at.  Its amazing what one is capable of, if you just give yourself a chance to prove it.

Today I began my training for a half-marathon. 

Addicted indeed.