Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Children's Museum

I love my nephew to pieces. This summer, now that he is old enough to really have fun on outings (and not nap through them!) my sister Jess, and I have decided to try and get as much quality time in as we can with Junior. A few weeks ago we took Junior to the zoo, and had a blast. Last week, we ventured to the Omaha Children's Museum. Honestly, I wasn't sure if there would be enough to do that would capture his attention, but my oh my, was I in for a surprise!

Junior's mom, Jaimie was able to come with us, which was a pleasant treat as she typically has to work on Friday's. We met for lunch, and then headed down to the museum. After Jess and I got our bearings straight (and were clear on where exactly we were going, haha!), we were in for a lot of fun.

Junior couldn't stop running back and forth, deciding what to play with and do first! We started in a play room that Junior loved.

Next, Junior played with a water display. He enjoyed watching what the other boys were doing, and imitating them. Nothing makes the school psych aunt happier than seeing those steps in play emerge! But I am geeking out....

Junior loved the slides. While sliding down with mom was fun.....

its was fun for Junior to go by himself! I promise he's laughing!

We got to milk a cow....

We got to play with balls! Junior loved when they floated magically....

Junior got to watch Aunt Jen put on a puppet show for him. It lasted a whole two seconds before he realized it was me, and he wanted a puppet too :)

And of course, Junior's favorite activity was the fire truck. He loved to drive it, and would make the siren sounds. Here he is, driving and supplying his own sirens !

There is so much to do at the Children's Museum, I am sure we will be back again soon! Hopefully Junior isn't too upset that the fire truck was a traveling exhibit :(