Tuesday, May 12, 2009

End of an era...

Saying goodbye to a chapter of our life is never easy. This year was my last "end of the year BBQ" as a student in the School Psych program. This event is always a lot of fun.... full of food, desserts, friends, and laughs. Its a great time to reflect on the year, share summer plans, and continue building on our friendships. This year was no exception.

To start the evening off, some of the second year students unveiled the cakes they decorated especially for this event. While they are only humorous if you are affiliated with School psychology and our program at UNO, they were delicious and enjoyed by all :)

I mean really, what school psych party is complete without a cake dedicated to the RtI process? Does the acronym strike your fancy? Learn about it here.

And what can I say about WAK??? During lectures Brian always reminded us what was "walking around knowledge". While I cannot recall who began calling it "WAK" I can confirm we all enjoyed bringing that work back into our daily vocabulary!

Plenty of food was had, desserts devoured, and laughs were abundant. I am sure going to miss everyone. As some of us still anxiously await our internship placements, others are making plans for positions across the country... one as far away as Alaska!

Cheers to good friends. I can't wait to see what happens next.