Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My husband's the bomb...

I tease my husband about his love (obsession) with races, but I am truly so proud of him. He has the mindset that whatever he puts his mind to, he will complete. He loves to push himself to the limit and exceed expectations. I can't say exactly where this started, but it has been fun to watch this evolve. It has also encouraged me to push myself further than I had previously. 

This past weekend, Mike completed the Papillion Days Duathlon. This race included a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, and another 2 mile run. Again, my husband rocked it. Seriously, he was awesome! During the first 2 mile run, he averaged a 6 min pace. Umm, compared to my 11:30-12 min pace per mile, that's incredible. (I should mention that there were a few men there who kept 5 min paces. To those guys, seriously that's not cool. Okay, so its cool, but stop show boating!)

Of 150 participants, Mike finished 9th!! I am really proud of him! 

Here are a few pic's from the day...

This is from the end of the bike portion.. I had my camera on "video" rather than picture during the first part of race :( 

Going out for the last 2 mile run (and rehydrating of course!)

And finishing strong!! I am very proud of him. Have I said that already?

Look at that smile!!