Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Going to the chapel...

Wedding pictures are timeless, something to be cherished forever. There is nothing like the glow of a bride and groom on their big day. Nerves and excitement are high, and its difficult to enjoy the simple moments your photographer is so desperate to capture without your mind wandering to logistics of the day (" I hope the cake got there on time", " I hope we have enough food", etc.). 

The solution? Take pictures several months later! Mike and I recently had additional wedding pictures taken by our friend (and awesome photographer) Christine. They turned out beautifully, and it really was fun to get back into my dress and take pictures. We were relaxed, and could really enjoy all the little moments that marriage is all about. 

Here is a link to a few of the pictures! 

Need a photographer? She's awesome, and reasonably priced. I HIGHLY recommend her!!