Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adventure Race

I have mentioned in previously posts that my husband is quite adventurous (i.e. crazy). This summer he is participating in something like 5 different races to prepare for an Xterra race this August.. something for him to cross off the world's longest bucket list. (Note to self: create a bucket list).

A couple weeks ago Mike did his first adventure race. The only thing he knew was what to bring (backpack, bike, firstaid kit, camera, phone, $5, and two friends with a "sense of humor"). He was pretty nervous just because he had no idea what to expect, but ended up LOVING the event. The Omaha Adventure Race was Omaha's first annual, and the participants exceeded the Denver Adventure race! Over 400 participants were registered!

Prior to the race, the teams were given a map of the downtown Omaha area. Clearly, these boys were ready (*ahem*) Dont worry, Mike's an Eagle Scout.

I snuggled up with Dave Sedaris' novel " Me Talk Pretty One Day" and a blanket on the FREEZING morning. 

One of the last "adventures" of the race was a tag team paddle in the lake... each teammate had paddles and an inter-tube (or is it inner tube?!).  Mike's running with the paddles...

and Mike in the water... he said it was very, very cold.

After all that,  TeamTMP (Tim, Mike and Pete!) took second place!!!

Way to go, boys!


Cat said...

OMG, I did this race!! It was fun...and we weren't last:) (Our ONLY goal) Good for him!!