Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentines Day

Mike and I are not big on gifts. Go ahead, make your assumptions now.
"You're just saying that, every girl likes gifts", "Who are you kidding, you're lying", or better yet, " are you sure you didn't want anything for ____". I have heard them all.

Its true. I enjoy giving gifts, but have no need to receive them. Occasional surprises are fine, but flowers die, I eat chocolate regularly anyway, and I like to pick out my own clothes/jewelry/etc.

This being said, Valentines day consisted of Mike and I babysitting my nephew Junior. Pretty fun day to me! We spent the afternoon sledding. followed by a rejuvinating nap, and the evening playing with every toy (and non-toy) in the house.

Cute kid story: Junior called Mike " My mommy Mike" all weekend. My heart melts every time he says it!

It was the perfect valentines day!