Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Junior's 2nd Birthday

After a chaotic week, it was FINALLY time for Junior's birthday party. Of course there was lots of goodies!

First, the cupcake bites. These were a hit again, and now I am wanting to come up with ways to change it up... perhaps with an oreo ball center?

Second, Cindy made these for Junior. Ingore the one without a scarf :)

He got lots of fun gifts...

Junior loved his new monster truck from Grandpa, and all the other gifts paled in comparison.
We certainly know how to throw a party!!!
After all that fun, I was exhausted :)


Chrince said...

We need to do some brain storming on how to up the ante with the cupcake bites. I have some mini heart shaped cookie cutters. We could mold your Valentine's day ones into little hearts.

Jessica said...

We do help throw a good party! I think we did a good job on those cupcake bites, I think I prefer the sprinkles over the M & M's though. I cannot wait to try and make them myself for Valentines Day! Thanks again for all of your help with the party!

Jen said...

Christine- I like the heart shaped cookie cutter idea!! Will you bring them Thurs? What do you think about using oreo balls instead of cake?

Jess- really? I think I like the M&M's more.... maybe its because you took such a great pic. of them :)Let me know how the red velvet ones turn out!!