Friday, February 20, 2009

New desserts...

I have three night classes that meet over the dinner hour. To solve this problem, my peers and I rotate who brings "snacks" to class. This week was my week in two of the three classes. We typically stick to snacky foods, and I like to bring in new desserts for others to try (and more importantly, get them out of my kitchen!).

First, I took the delicious brownie/chocolate chip cookie bars I have mentioned in previous posts and made them into cupcakes. They are a lot easier to eat this way when you eat in a classroom with no utensils. They cooked for what seemed to be forever, and since I forgot to spray the cups, the paper stuck some. I will definitely make them this way again, but next time I will steal Christine's idea and use break and bake cookies, they would be the perfect size and remove human error.

Clearly you can see my husband sampled them :)

The second recipe i stole from I used the left over ganache frosting for these, and they were delicious.

Finally, I made these while rocking out to a Moses Prey rehearsal. Haven't heard of them? You should check them out!

Apparently there was a run on Neufchatel cheese at three stores I stopped at. Cream cheese was an obvious substitute, and they turned out just fine. No picture though... they didn't last too long. This baking thing is pretty sweet!