Friday, October 24, 2008


I have always really enjoyed pictures. I love looking at them, taking them and sharing them with others. I really want to take a photography class to enhance my skills. I feel like I have a pretty good eye for it, but I also think I have room to learn more, better develop my eye. I love being outdoors, and love taking pictures of nature. Its such an easy subject to capture. Dont get me wrong, my nephew's are pretty awesome to take pictures of, but they are not pose-able yet :)

Here are a few of my favorites I have taken over the years. Some are scanned because they are older, but I hope you enjoy them!

This was taken at Garden of the Gods this July while on our honeymoon. Garden of the Gods is one of my most favorite places - its absolutely breathtaking.

This was taking in "Little Mexico" in San Diego. The color quality is not as vibrant as it is in the original picture due to scanning. This was such a fun area of town, and was my first experience with the Southwest.
Beaver Lake... another favorite spot in Colorado. It is always absolutely gorgeous every time I have made the trek to this beautifully hidden lake.

This is just a random lake I was driving by near Vail, Colorado. I hiked just a bit to find the best spot for the picture, and am proud of the results.

Another shot of the Garden of the Gods. Gorgeous.

My nephew's first birthday. Lovin' him some cupcakes....

He loves the marimba, and as a crawler, would do anything to be near it. Now he plays it like a pro. Uncle Mike is his favorite by far!
Snuggle time with Uncle Mike :)

And the perfect blackmail pictures... temper tantrums... such a faker :)