Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just another day....

I despise day's where I come home more stressed than I left.

Today started off typical... until I drove to practicum. I was running a few minutes behind this morning but wasn't too concerned- I only have a 5 minute drive. During the torrential downpour we experienced this morning my car just decided to die. At a red light while rocking out to Moses Prey, my battery light went on, followed by all the dashboard lights and a second later, my car completely died. I had no time to react- it just died. Of all the days to forget my cell phone! So, in the pouring rain, dress shoes and khaki's and stranded in the middle of the intersection I put on my hazards and run into the gas station nearby. The attendant delightfully greeted me with a "out for a jog in this weather?" and I explained that my car just died in on a very busy street and I needed to call for help.

"Bummer- here's a phone".

I called the police to help direct traffic (because those driving in rush hour morning traffic LOVE cars that breakdown in their route tremendously!). I waited patiently, in the rain for 15 minutes. Literally hundreds of cars drove by- not a single one stopped to help. A sheriff drove by- no offer for help. Two, count them TWO tow trucks drove by- not even a glance in my direction. Now had they not had to drive around my car to get through the intersection I wouldn't have been angry- but they had no choice but to see me or rear end me. Finally, two very nice men offered to push me around the corner into the gas station so I was no longer blocking traffic. To them, I am so grateful. They however, did not have jumper cables and soon left.

I spend the next hour or so at a gas station, trying to remember every phone number in my cell phone to get some help. I asked everyone who walked into the gas station if they had jumper cables, and if they did, if they would give me a jump start. Not a soul for about an hour. Finally, a man, very reluctant to help caved in and jumped my car. Very kind in a terribly cold rain. He said I reminded him of his daughter and he would be "pissed" if anyone ever treated his daughter that way. I am very thankful for his kindness.

I had just enough power in my battery to get me the 1 mile to my practicum site. I was able to get parked and my car completely died. I spent the rest of the day at the Middle School working diligently and feeling sad at the lack of trust that is present in our world today. It breaks my heart that people dont just stop to help another. We live in a world where we rush through life- but for what? I am no one to talk or point blame- I am not the first to help someone on the side of the road. Its just sad to think how much we hurt ourselves by rushing through life, thoughtfully trusting nothing; no one.

I try my best everyday to live by the golden rule-today I was reminded why.