Wednesday, October 15, 2008


As my life gets busier, and finding time to catch up with friends becomes more of a challenge than it ever should be; I figured blogging may be the best way to bridge the gaps.

School is very busy. I am enjoying a school based practicum in a nearby district. I am placed in both an elementary school and middle school which has been an enjoyable experience. I still find myself wondering where I should be in the future. Each level has a wide array of pro's and con's, but they all balance themselves out in the end. I still have such a strong passion for working with children with Autism, and am working towards my BCBA certification. If anything, this certification should make me more marketable globally.

I have become even more involved in the School Psychology program this year than I have been in years past. I am chairing the Mentoring Committee this year, which has a broad focus. Not only do we work with the new first years, but also in recruitment efforts, and the interviewing process. This has been a really fun and rewarding experiencing. I have learned a lot about building committee's, and have the opportunity to share with others my love for the UNO School Psych program.

I have developed a knack this year of having ideas that spring into larger than life projects. Some call it innovative, but some day's I call it a curse! From my EdS project (cyberbullying/online aggression and victimization) I have developed a strong research interest in the topic. Not only is this my EdS project, but I am also doing an evaluation of teachers, and other school personnel's view of cyberbullying policies. Hopefully I get a large number of respondents! I think the findings will be very interesting. Wish me luck :)

I love being a married woman, although I am having a terrible time learning my new name! Too many times to count where I have been called Mrs. P, and wasn't aware that other's were addressing me! It always makes me giggle. Mike's a pretty awesome husband I may add. He is currently married to a figment of his imagination because I am never home. I can't wait for the chaos to end so I can spend more time with him. And despite the fact that he hardly gets to spend time with me, he is super supportive and loves me just the same. I am a lucky gal. I may also interject that if he asks me again "Have you heard?" and bursts into the Bird is the Word Song as seen on family guy, I may revoke all Family Guy privileges! I fall for it every time to make him laugh, but I don't know how much longer I can do it :)

Life is great :)