Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh my...

Seeing as how I have not posted in oh, the last two months, I figured a brief update is needed.

I work, a lot. I commute an hour and 15 minutes one way, which means two and a half hours of driving a day. That's a lot. Fortunately, I love the job. It's so rewarding to finally be doing what I love, and facing different challenges everyday. Every day I have another moment where I stop and reflect saying" oh yea, this is why i wanted to be a school psychologist". I hope that never goes away.

I have been doing a ridiculous amount of baking. I learned how to make pies from scratch, and I am a machine. Maybe by next year's holiday season, I can bake pies for holiday gifts. Seriously, that would be so much fun for me. I saw these posted on another blog, and want them. Badly.

I stopped running, and am starting off again, slowly. You see, during my half marathon, the knee problems I had been having the last month of trainings were not the IT band as originally thought (and treated!). Actually, I somehow got a stress fracture right below my knee, about where IT band pain typically occurs in runners. After the marathon I could hardly walk. Not in a " I just ran 13 miles" sort of way but in a "holy crap, this isn't normal" sort of way. Long story short, I ran 13.1 miles on a stress fracture, and obviously, made it worse. I have taken almost 8 weeks off, and am going to jump back into training again this week. I never realized how much i would miss running. Now to get some great winter running gear and rebuild what I lost!

I chopped of my hair... and it looks good. I have never been one to make bold statements with my hair/clothes, etc. but this time I REALLY wanted something different, so much in fact that I told my trusted stylist that she could do whatever she wanted to my hair, and I didnt want to see it until it was done. Consider it my "I am almost 30" panic, but it looks good. Seriously.

I have so many other great things to blog about such as my ridiculously good Christmas card photo session and my husband and my new pastime...tae kwondo. We were recently promoted to yellow belt. More on that to come.

I promise to write more soon. Wait, who am I kidding, the only people who read this are my friends anyway :) Hi, Christine and Jess ;o)


Chrince said...

Thanks for the update! :)