Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More Cupcakes

I will be doing a lot of baking this week, and I am excited to be doing it! Today was one of my professor's birthday, and since we have her class on Tuesday nights, we thought it would be appropriate to throw her a food party. Little did we know she had the flu over the weekend, so she still wasn't back to 100%. We enjoyed the food anyway!

Here are the cupcakes I made, and let me just say- delicious! I am not creative enough (yet) to come up with original ideas- but I love trying new recipes. These were easy to make- and all the ingredients were hanging out in my pantry (well except for vanilla frosting- but that was easy enough!)

Here's what you need...

I took the easy way out and bought cookie decorating frosting for this... It made the job go by quickly, but I cut the tip on the blue in the wrong location and didn't have the fine line I wanted.

Next the frosting. I really loved this... maybe even better than ganache. The jury is still out on that. The recipe recommends dipping them in the frosting, but I tired of that pretty quickly.

Now decorating. I may not surprise many when I say I am not artist. I envision great things when it comes to decorating, but fail miserably :) Here are my failed attempt at flowers (or oddly constructed geometrical blobs), a flower I salvaged into a butterfly, my fail-safe design and a smiley face. Oh, and the pitchfork looking thing is a symbol representing Psychology. Geeky. I know.

And the final product....

and the delicious inside...

Of course I sampled this one :)

Next up... cupcakes for Grandpa's birthday! I am pretty excited to share my treats with my family.


Jessica said...

okay, maybe I am missing something, but how is the cream ending up inside the cup cake!?!? I'll gladly take those off your hands anytime though :)

Jessica said...

Well, I guess if I would have read the recipie I would have figured it out! Derrr..... I would love to make those with you sometime!