Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lemon Raspberry Filled Cupcakes

I have been doing some experimenting lately with cupcakes, inspired by my friends who love to eat cupcakes :)

During one of my many baking sessions with friends, I joked about writing a book with all the cupcake ideas I have tried (and succeeded) with. Obviously, no book deal, and have no expertise in writing one so I figured I would take to my blog. Someone out there wants to read my recipes, right?!?

I have to admit though, I cheat. That's right, I cheat. I have made many wonderful cakes/cupcakes from scratch, but I don't often have time to throw together a cake from scratch. The $0.98 cake mix is definitely worth every penny.

My first cupcake recipe to share are Lemon Cupcakes with a Raspberry filling and a whipped frosting. Very yummy, and easy to make!

1 classic white cake mix
Real Lemon Juice
1 8oz jar raspberry jam (seedless)
1 box sugarfree raspberry jello

1 pint heavy whipping cream
1c sugar

To make Cake:

Make cake according to box. I substituted Real Lemon Juice for the water in the cake.
Let cupcakes cool to room temperature.

To Make Filling

Microwave jelly for 30 seconds in jar (but remove lid!)
Put jelly in bowl, and mix in the sugar free jello (can use regular jello if you want a sweeter filling).
Let cool to touch, and put inside piping bag. Poke tip into each cupcake and fill well. Be careful not to poke all the way through the cupcake. You can also use the end of a wooden spoon to poke holes in the cupcake, and pour filling into hole.

For Frosting

Pour pint of heavy whipping cream into mixing bowl. Add 1c sugar. Whip on medium for 6-8 minutes until heavy peaks form. Put in refrigerator until ready to frost cupcakes.

Keep cupcakes cool as there is dairy in the whipped topping!

Happy eating ;)